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Be Active

A Senior Living Community provides an array of daily services to our Assisted Living Facility, helping our community members live their lives with dignity, purpose, and meaning. Whether you or your loved one requires Physical Therapy or would like to sign up for Meal Preparation, we offer many options and opportunities for fulfilling experiences.


Daily Movement

Our activities director creates an environment that is appropriate for all levels of need and skill. Residents may begin with chair exercises, or a walk and talk. We regularly have corn hole games and balloon volleyball. Everyday residents have multiple chances for physical.

Social Activities

The mind needs as much nourishment as the body and Riverwood ensures that residents have multiple choices in their day to stay mentally active. Residents will find structured times for games, music, art and woodworking as part of their daily and weekly routines. There is always an opportunity for residents to also plan their own activities with other residents, including games of cards and gardening.

In Good Hands

Care Team

When every day activities become too difficult to manage by ourselves, we often need our family and loved ones to chip in. Riverwood
A Senior Living Community provides the support required to carry on with dignity, with the same love and care a family member would provide. All of our residents can age in place; Riverwood has LPN's in the building, in-house rehabilitation, and on-call access to doctors and other providers.

Farm to Table Approach

Our philosophy about health and wellness are similar to our beliefs about our community; when our residents and local community work together, everyone wins. Our Dietary Manager has developed relationships with local and regional farms to provide healthier meals, with fresher ingredients, without the cost of travel or retail. This provides an overall healthier approach to food and heath. All of our meals are intentionally created with our residents needs and cravings in mind. Home cooked meals that remind our residents they are home.

Pasta Primavera

Welcoming Accommodations

Riverwood is located in Fort White, known for its proximity to beautiful natural springs. Our home is surrounded by the natural beauty of pine trees, making it feel like home. 

Our rooms are spacious, and we offer private and semi-private accommodations.

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