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An affordable assisted living community, where loved ones can age in place.

Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor
In Good Hands

Affordable and Full Service

 We are an affordable Assisted Living Community, with all inclusive prices that allow our community members live their lives with dignity, purpose, and meaning.

  • $3800 private

  • $2995 semi-private

  • $1500 community fee (one-time fee)

  • We accept private pay, Medicaid working with all Medicaid providers, VA and all insurances. 

Knowledgable Staff

Riverwood's experienced staff understands the stress of finding an affordable, comfortable, and safe home for your loved ones. The Executive Director is hands-on with every family member and resident to make the transition and affordable.

Aging in Place
Botes Memory Method

In light of the dementia epidemic, it is now more important than ever to create a resource for families living with dementia and our healthcare partners that will impact day-to-day living in a meaningful way. The Botes Memory Method combines an innovative cognitive assessment tool with a communication platform for families and healthcare partners. With Botes Memory Method, functional and training are provided based on five cognitive levels, represented as flowers.

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